Monday, June 30, 2008

Swim Team Update 6/30

Hi! Great job at the Pontiac Pentathlon on Saturday, June 28! Lexington received 2nd place behind Pontiac! Great job, Lakers!!! As soon as I get the results, I will email them to you!

Reminder!!! Our next meet is scheduled for Tuesday, July 1st at Dwight - warm-ups are at 5:30 and the meet starts at 6:00! I have the following listed as being absent for July 1: (If your name has a ? next to it, please let us know for sure!)

7/1 - Robin, Connor F, Rachel, Katie P, Erin?, Kelsey, Kasey, Kassidy, Becca?, Sydney, Gabby, Courtney L, Andrew, Cassidy, Logan, Madison, Hannah?, Lauren?, Nick S

Just as an FYI - we have a "big" meet vs. Clifton on July 10. The reason I say "big" is #1 Clifton asked us last year if they could come to our pool to swim us, #2 Clifton is bringing all of their swimmers on a bus to swim against us, #3 Clifton has been looking forward to this meet all year as they normally swim smaller teams and are anxiously awaiting some real competition (Clifton got 3rd in Pontiac!). So, please try to make this meet if you can! If you know any older swimmers that could swim for Lexington that night, let us know so we can fill the lanes for Lexington! Also, other "big" meets are July 12 vs. Eureka and July 17 vs. Washington! Both of these teams have big rosters and we will need all the swimmers we can get!

Note - If your swimmer is attending the Lexington Invitational, please get together with Ginnie Hilt to sign up for one of the many volunteer jobs. We need each family to volunteer to make the Lexington Invitational a success!

Last, if you are true swimming fans, tune in to NBC or USA at 7:00 each night this week to watch the time trials or go to and watch the time trials during the day too! There are some fantastic swimmers and you can learn a lot by watching and listening! :)


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