Monday, April 8, 2013

Swim Team Information, 4/8/13

Come and Try Swim Team for a Week to See How Much FUN You Will Have!!

The Lexington Lakers Swim Team needs more swimmers!!!  Swimming is a fun way to condition and cross-train for other sports!  If you participate in other sports or activities, we can work around your schedule!

2013 Registration and Swimsuit fitting:
Wednesday, April 17, 2013 from 4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. at the Lexington Community Center in Lexington, IL.
Swimsuits will be available for fitting on this date only.

2013 Practice Schedule (May 29-July 12):
Practices will start May 29 (or when the pool is open) and the first swim meet is June 4 at home
Practices are held each morning before Noon Monday-Friday (including days of meets).
Daily practice times will be determined after registration is complete and will be based on age and experience.

2013 Swim Team Schedule:
Date                       Warm-up/Start                    Opponent                         Location
June 4                    5:30/6:00p.m.                      Gridley & Olympia       home
June 6                    5:30/6:00p.m.                      Flanagan                                away
June 8                    9:00am/1:00p.m.                 Eureka Invite                         away
June 11                  5:30/6:00p.m.                      Roanoke                                 away
June 13                  5:15/6:00p.m.                      El Paso                                    away
June 15                  9:00am/1:00p.m.                 El Paso Invite                         away
June 18                  5:30/6:00p.m.                      Washington                           away
June 20                  5:30/6:00p.m.                      Leroy                                       home    
June 22                  8:00/9:00a.m.                      Pontiac Pentathlon                away
June 25                  5:30/6:00p.m.                      Metamora                               away
June 27                  5:30/6:00p.m.                      Dwight & Octavia        home
July 2                      5:30/6:00p.m.                      Eureka  /Gibson City            home
July 9                      5:30/6:00p.m.                      Pontiac                                   home
July 11                    5:30/6:00p.m.                      Fairbury                                 away
July 13                    8:00/9:00a.m.                      7th Ann. Lexington Invite   home

Swimmer Fee:  $35 per swimmer
Volunteer Fee: $35 per swimmer (Check returned when parent/guardian volunteers two times per swimmer)

More information:
Coach: Katie Sharrow at (309)531-6228 or
Parent Contact: Tammy Baker at (309)728-2333 or