Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Swim Team Update 6/10

Hi! I have lots of information below that was going to be covered tonight at the practice meet...but since it is cancelled, I will send an email with the information! Please read to the bottom! :)

#1 - File Folders: Please have your swimmer check their file folder in the swim team box at the pool for your 2008 swim team packet. This packet contains lots of useful information (especially for first-time swimmers!) This is also where you will receive your ribbons and other sources of communication!

#2 - Absences for Thursday, June 12 at Gridley: Please let me know if this is not right: Ashleigh, Kelly, Ted, Hannah?, Lauren?, Nick, Rachel, Kolten, Katie P, Brennan, Barin, Kale, Tommy, Becca,

#3 - Absences for Saturday, June 14 at HOME (hopefully!): Please let me know if this is not right: Ashleigh, Kelly, Hannah, Lauren, Katie P, Faith, Erin, Kaina, Becca, Amanda, Connor P

#4 - El Paso Invitational Update - please let me know if this is not right:
The following have let me know that they will NOT be at the El Paso Invitational on Saturday, June 21: Jack, Noah, Annika, Amanda, Connor P, Katie P, Lia, Erin, Courtney T, Kayleigh, Rachel, Bridget, Leslie, Kelly, Becca, Tommy, Tessa

You need to reply if you will NOT attend the meet. The Lexington Park District pays for each swimmer to swim and the cost is $16 for 4 events. If you do not let me know that you are not swimming or if you say you are swimming and do not show up, you will have to pay the $16 to the Park District.

T-shirts: If you want a t-shirt for $10, please bring your check ASAP! The t-shirts cost $10 per swimmer. The Park District does not pay for this. You need to get a check made payable to El Paso Recreation for $10 by Wednesday, 6/11 at 12:00! Note - The t-shirts will not be personalized as in years past!

El Paso Invitational Timers (thank you!!!):
9:00 - Winterland/Weis
10:00 - Hilt/Michal
11:00 - Kelley/Compton
1:00 - Shipley/?
2:00 - Heitzmann/?
3:00 - Surma/?

#5 - Parent Volunteers: Each parent needs to volunteer at least 2x per swimmer at the home swim meets. Once you volunteer, you will receive your deposit check back! If you have not volunteered to help out at a swim meet, you will need to contact Ginnie Hilt at "ginniehilt at hotmail.com".

#6 - For Sale:
Yard Signs and Car Decals. Mark Pritchard has personalized yard signs for the swimmers. The signs say Lexington Lakers with a picture of a swimmer, and your swimmer(s) names. The cost is $20 and these need to be ordered. There are also Lexington Lakers Swim Team Car Decals - white is $3 and purple is $5. These are in stock. Please contact Tammy if you want to purchase. I will have these at practices and meets.

#7 - Concession Sign-Ups: There will be a concession sign-up sheet coming soon - we need parents to donate food, drinks, snacks, treats, etc. for each home meet! Look for this to come soon!

Any questions, please let me know. Thanks!

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