Sunday, June 22, 2008

Car Decal/Yard Sign Money and T-Shirt Money

1. If you ordered a Swim Team Yard Sign, please bring me $20 cash or your $20 check made payable to Mark Pritchard.

2. If you still want a Swim Team Car Decal, please let me know - I have these every day at every practice. The purple ones are $5 and the white ones are $3.

3. If you ordered a Pontiac Pentathlon t-shirt and still need to pay, please bring $8 cash or an $8 check made payable to Lexington Park District.

Reminder - the following 40 swimmers will represent Lexington at the Pontiac Pentathlon on Saturday, 6/28:
Boys: Barin, Payton, Brennan, Hunter, Ted, Kolten, Cassidy, Connor F
Girls: Lindsey, Gracy, Lauren, Hayley, Tessa, Megan, Sophie, Riley, Faith, Madison, Jessica, Hannah, Morgan G, Kassidy, Kaina, Ashleigh, Taylor L, Toria, Courtney T, Danielle, Kelly, Taler, Kasey, Morgan A, Whitney, Katie C, Maggie, Kelsey, Taylor L, Bridgette, Becca, Whitney


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