Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Swim Team Practices and More

Hi! Here is some (a lot of) swim team information to keep you up to date! As always, please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

Final Schedule: Please review the attachment.

Sign-Ups: We are up to 73 swimmers...but we could use more (especially boys and high school age swimmers)! Tell all of your friends it's not too late to sign up! Also, we are waiting to hear from the following potential swimmers: Aaron B, Nick Barkes, Dean W, Ashton S, Ashley S

July 11 Lexington Invitational: We need help with the following. Please let me know if you can help out!!!
  • Facilities - ?
  • Sponsors/Donations - ?

We have the following covered:

  • Officials - Laura Williamson
  • Computer - Tammy Baker
  • Volunteers - Ginnie Hilt
  • Awards - Gina Lingle
  • Concessions - Anne Fiero
  • Swim Team Shop - Jill Mohr
  • T-Shirts - Jenn Ebker
  • Bull-Pen - Rita Grunloh

Team Pictures: Tuesday, July 7th at 5:00!

Volunteers: Each parent needs to volunteer at least 2x per swimmer at the home swim meets. Once you volunteer, you will receive your deposit check back! Ginnie Hilt is coordinating the volunteers for all home swim meets. You will receive an email from Ginnie soon or you can contact her at ginniehilt@hotmail.com.

Absences: Can you please respond with any dates you know in advance that your swimmer cannot attend.

Concession Sign-Ups: There will be a concession sign-up sheet coming soon - we will need parents to donate food, drinks, snacks, treats, etc. for each home meet! Look for this to come soon!

For Sale: Yard Signs and Car Decals. Mark Pritchard has personalized yard signs for the swimmers. The signs read Lexington Lakers with a picture of a swimmer, and your swimmer(s) names. The cost is $20 and these need to be ordered. There are also Lexington Lakers Swim Team Car Decals - white is $3 and purple is $5. These are in stock. Please contact Tammy if you want to purchase.

Practice Schedule:

1. Lauren
2. Riley
3. Erin
4. Robin
5. Hayley
6. Kaina
7. Toria
8. Rylie
9. Megan
10. Gabby
11. Talli
12. Kassidy
13. Ashleigh
14. Taylor
15. Abbie
16. Lia
17. Courtney
18. Caleb
19. Jack
20. Noah
21. Kale
22. Tommy
23. Devin
24. Andrew

1. Mallory
2. Emma
3. Reagan
4. Lindsey
5. Madison
6. Annika
7. Tia
8. Tessa
9. Megan
10. Kayleigh
11. Sophie
12. Layken
13. Gracy
14. Raylee
15. Camryn
16. Jessica
17. Leslie
18. Megan
19. Faith
20. Tyler
21. Barin
22. Grant
23. Jack
24. Alex
25. Anthony

1. Jessica
2. Danielle
3. Morgan
4. Courtney
5. Kelly
6. Taler
7. Kasey
8. Mariah
9. Whitney
10. Katie
11. Bridget
12. Sydney
13. Kelsey
14. Amanda
15. Bridgette
16. Hunter
17. Connor
18. Brennan
19. Connor
20. Ted
21. Kolten
22. Zack
23. Johnny
24. Ben

Please Note:

  • This year practice times will not be adjusted for other activities (summer camps, VBS, etc.). If your swimmer cannot make the scheduled time slot because of other commitments, they are welcome to swim at another time slot during that week.
  • Swimmers can move up time slots depending on work/improvement at any time. Talk to Katie prior to switching time slots.
  • With three practices, each lane will have only 3-4 swimmers which will provide better instruction and more time doing stroke work.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know. Thanks again!

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