Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Volunteer Update!

Thanks to everyone for volunteering as a coordinator for the length of the swim team season or as a member of the Lexington Invitational Committee! Your help is very much appreciated! Without the help of our parents, our swim team and our 2nd annual Invitational would not be such a huge success! Please note - we still need two jobs filled: Facilities Coordinator for the season and Facilities Coordinator for the Invitational. Please, please consider helping out! Thanks!

Swim Team Season Volunteer Opportunities:
  1. Parent Contact/Computer - T Baker
  2. Concessions Coordinator - B Wilson, C Leake, G Compton
  3. Facilities Coordinator - ?still open! - coordinate set up and tear down - diving blocks, flags, chairs, tables, starter, sound system, etc.
  4. Ribbons/Awards Coordinator - G Lingle
  5. Volunteer Coordinator - G Hilt

July 19, 2008 Lexington Invitational Committee

  1. Main Contact/Computer - T Baker
  2. Facilities Coordinator - ?still open! (Last year C Billingsley) - need someone to coordinate facilities (rentals, electricity, tents, portapotties, etc.) and oversee Sub Committee: Parking - D Lingle (confirmed), Signs - Pritchard (confirmed), Announcer - J Mohr (confirmed), Garbage - Boyd (not confirmed), Sound System - B Hayes (not confirmed)
  3. Referees/Officials - C Kelley
  4. Sponsors/Fundraising/Donations - B Hayes
  5. Computer - T Baker, G Lingle, D Michal
  6. Ribbons/Awards - G Lingle
  7. Volunteers - G Hilt
  8. Bull Pen - R Grunloh
  9. Concessions -B Wilson, C Leake, G Compton
  10. Swim Team Shop - J Mohr
  11. T-shirts - S Compton

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