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2014 Lexington Lakers Schedule

2014 Lexington Lakers Schedule

Date                   Warm-up/Start                 Opponent                         Location
June 12                 5:30/6:00p.m.                   Octavia & Stafford               home
June 14                 No Meet             No Meet
June 17 *           5:00/5:30p.m.                    Le Roy                               away
June 19             5:30/6:00p.m.                   Flanagan                            home
June 21 ***           9:00am/1:00p.m.     El Paso Invite                      away
June 24             5:30/6:00p.m.                 Metamora                           home
June 26             5:30/6:00p.m.                   Intra-squad FUN MEET!     home
June 28               8:00/9:00a.m.                   Pontiac Pentathlon              away
June 30 **             5:30/6:00p.m.                   Roanoke                             home
July 8               5:30/6:00p.m.                   Pontiac                               away
July 10               5:30/6:00p.m.                   Gridley                                away
July 12 8:00/9:00a.m. 8th Ann. Lexington Invite     home
July 15                 5:30/6:00p.m.                   Olympia                              home
July 17                   5:30/6:00p.m.                   Eureka                                away
July 19               TBA               LeRoy Invitational                 away
July 22               5:30/6:00p.m.                   Washington                         home
July 24 5:30/6:00p.m. El Paso      home

The warm-up time is listed first, and the meet time (when the swim meet officially starts) is listed second.

*   = 5:00/5:30p.m. start time! Half-hour earlier than our normal time.
** = Monday meet!
*** = The 10 & Under start time is listed first, and the 11 & Older start time is listed second.

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